Forensic Imaging and Osteology

Bones, both living and dead, conceal a wealth of information. The majority of bone research is carried out on laboratory animals, but at the Department of Forensic Medicine we can examine human bones.

What we do

Our primary task is assisting public sector agencies in the field of forensic pathology with autopsies and person examinations. But research is also a focal point. We conduct cutting-edge research in forensic imaging – an area that is becoming increasingly widespread.

Who we are

We are specialists who conduct research within advanced diagnostic imaging with particular focus on trauma and conditions that affect the bone tissue. In that way, we seek to provide greater clarity about causes and mechanisms of death and provide optimal documentation material of relevant findings.

Meet Assistant Professor
Kasper Hansen

By studying physiological issues in animals, he has acquired unique competences in medical scanning techniques.

Meet Professor
Lene Warner Thorup Boel

A frequent forensic issue, for example, is how to determine how old a person was when he or she died, which is difficult to do.