Clinical Forensic Medicine

We bring knowledge, orderliness and method. In this way, we are a checklist for both the living and the dead.

What we do

We focus on victims of violence and rape, child abuse, perpetrators and the clinical forensic examination. The research can be used by our peers, in the sector cooperation and in crime prevention. Our goal is to ensure that the right person is brought to justice on the most informed basis possible.

Who we are

We are specialists in clinical forensic medicine, who work to generate and disseminate knowledge about the investigation of living persons and with the assessment of medical findings in the context of the administration of justice.

Meet Senior Registrar
Lise Frost

My most important message is that we should dare to see, hear and not least act on suspicion of a child being subjected to abuse.

Meet Deputy State-appointed Forensic Pathologist Ole Ingemann Hansen

When I began in the field, many policemen believed that if there was no injury or evidence of semen, then nothing happened.

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Deputy State-Appointed Forensic Pathologist

Meet all of us