How to collaborate with us

We conduct research in: bioanalytics, clinical forensic medicine, forensic imaging and osteology. Each research theme covers a number of specialised researchers. Please contact us, if you want to collaborate with our researchers.

Gain access to research services

We offer analytical services based on state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff members with extensive experience in developing reliable and highly sensitive methods.

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You can access the latest research within a specific area by entering into an agreement with Aarhus University on licensing a research result.

You have the opportunity to enter into three types of collaboration with researchers from Forensic Medicine: Co-financed research, commissioned research or a scheme where you hire an industrial researcher in your company for a limited period.

Need more information?

Please contact Christian Lindholst, if you are interested in a partnership where your company or organisation commits to cooperating with the Department of Forensic Medicine in research or innovation during a period of time.

Our special competences are bioanalytics, clinical forensic medicine and forensic imaging & osteology.