In the broadest sense, we carry out research within human metabolism and forensic science. We strive to solve questions of importance using advanced bioanalytical methods.

What we do

We have a well-equipped analytical laboratory mainly based on a range of mass-spectrometric techniques for measuring drugs and metabolites in biological samples. Our facilities for chemical and molecular biology experiments makes us able to do functional follow-up studies.

Who we are

We are specialists in areas including forensic and bioanalytical chemistry, metabolomics, toxicology, pharmacology, chemical and molecular biology. As the research and service unit for forensic chemistry, we combine natural science and health science in a number of different research projects, that mostly are rooted in data from the bioanalytical laboratories.

Meet Assistant Professor
Kirstine Lykke Nielsen

If we succeed in developing a sure-fire method to determine the age of a trace, the police will have a tool to determine whether a fingerprint or other trace is relevant to the investigation.

Meet Associate Professor
Steffen Sinning

How do narcotics and psychotropic medications bind and interact with their protein targets, and do they have any properties that could be improved or exploited differently?

Meet Mogens Johannsen,
Research Theme Coordinator

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Phone: +45 87 16 83 32

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