Research leaders


We work between public sector consultancy and basic- and applied research. Focus is analysis of molecules - for example, methods to gain insight into traces left at a crime scene or how metabolism regulates biological aging. We specialize in metabolomics, chemical biology and forensic chemistry.

Associate professor

We conduct experimental and clinical research to improve the basis for evaluation of forensic toxicological analyses, to keep track on the causes of fatal intoxications with drugs of abuse and prescribed medication, and to improve knowledge on drugs involved in drug facilitated crime.

Associate professor

We seek to understand the molecular pharmacology of therapeutics and drugs of abuse targeting the monoamine neurotransmitter transporters and/or receptors. We also study experimental antidepressants to elucidate which properties and targets are important for their antidepressant and hallucinogenic action.

Senior researcher

We improve the public sector consultancy within forensic toxicology through research by developing new methods to increase the detection of drugs in both dead and living as well as upgrading the toxicological interpretation. We apply state of the art mass spectrometry, metabolomics and pharmacology.

Assistant professor

We focus on finding biomarkers for determining the age of bloodstains and fingerprints. We use the tools from metabolomics to identify the relevant biomarkers and their degradation patterns. The goal is to find out which traces are relevant to the case to help convict or acquit people involved.