The Bioanalytical Unit

Department of Forensic Medicine

About the Bioanalytical Unit

The bioanalytical unit is the Section for Forensic Chemistry’s research and service unit. The unit combines natural science and health science in a number of different research areas centered around bioanalytical chemistry. In addition, the unit acts as a partner in a number of external projects. The unit is equipped with modern analytical equipment that can analyze roughly all small molecules.



Meet assistant professor
Kirstine Lykke Nielsen

If we succeed in developing a sure-fire method to determine the age of a trace, the police will have a tool to determine whether a fingerprint or other trace is relevant to the investigation.

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Meet professor Mogens Johannsen

It's very satisfying to be able to bring research into the world that directly means something to people. Whether this is via a close link to biology and healthy aging, or because we develop a new method that can help the police, is less important .

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