Experienced professor to be the vice-dean for research

On 1 January 2024, Professor Per Brøndsted Höllsberg will take up the position as vice-dean for research at the Faculty of Health.

Photo: Alexander Höllsberg

An experienced professor with an international outlook will ensure that all researchers at the Faculty of Health have the best framework for their work.

The 62-year-old Per Höllsberg - DMSc and professor of medical virology - will take up the position as vice-dean in the new year. He joins the faculty from his position as the head of research and studies administration at NIDO, the centre for research and education at Gødstrup Regional Hospital.

Per Höllsberg previously spent nine years in Boston, Massachusetts as a researcher at Harvard Medical School, where he researched  how viral infections in immune cells can lead to a sclerosis-like illness, for example.

He has been affiliated with the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University for a number of years as a professor of medical virology at the Department of Biomedicine. His research focused on Epstein-Barr virus, multiple sclerosis, and the mechanisms of a herpes virus infection in immune cells.

Dean Anne-Mette Hvas is looking forward to working with Per.

“Per Höllsberg has extensive experience within both research and educational management. He has worked with basic and clinical research, and just as importantly to his new role as vice-dean, he has a solid political understanding, as well as experience with productive research collaborations - both internationally and locally across regions and universities,” she says, and continues:

“His long research career combined with his ability to build bridges to collaboration partners in regions, the business community, public authorities and foundations makes Per perfect for the position of vice-dean for research. He can help ensure that we continue to have the best foundation for realising ambitious and original research ideas at the faculty."

Per Höllsberg looks forward to contributing to the development of health science research at Aarhus University.

He is especially interested in the impact of research, both within and outside the world of academia. And he is also attentive to the new generations.

"I have a soft spot for young people at the start of their research careers. We need to focus on them - their career paths, conditions and working environment. It’s important that Health is an attractive place to work, so we can attract the young talents we so greatly need if the faculty is to continue delivering world-class international research," he says.



Professor and future Vice-dean for Research Per Brøndsted Höllsberg
Aarhus University, Health
Email: ph@biomed.au.dk
Mobile: +45 51 36 23 53

Dean Anne-Mette Hvas
Aarhus University, Health
Email: dean.health@au.dk
Telephone: +45 87 15 20 07