Ph.d.-projekt: Visualisering af kar og perifere nerver: metodeudvikling og anvendelsesmuligheder i traumatologi samt ved diagnostik af perifere nervelidelser

There is an eminent need for improved diagnostics in a forensic setting, both on a quantitative and qualitative level, of underlying vessel and nerve injuries.

The aims of this study consist of two parts: first to develop imaging-based CT and MRI methods for portraying and quantification of the (micro)vasculature and nerves related to trauma, and secondly, to apply and demonstrate the developed methodology to human trauma in vivo and post-mortem.

These methods can be helpful to identify the cause of death in cases related to vessel or nerve injuries, especially when autopsy is not able to identify this. This knowledge is expected to benefit the diagnosis and treatment of living patients who have been exposed to the same mechanism of trauma. Investigating neuropathies in a post-mortem setting can be helpful in the contribution of better understanding pathogenesis and disease progression.


Wieke Haakma


Fakta om projektet

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Vessel and periphery nerve visualization: methodological development and applications to trauma and peripheral nerve disorders


Lene Warner Thorup Boel, Vicestatsobducent, Department of Forensic Medicine – Retspatologisk, Aarhus University



Lars Uhrenholt, Associate professor, Department of Forensic Medicine - Retspatologisk, Aarhus University

Michael Pedersen, Professor with Special Responsibilities, Department of Clinical Medicine - Comparative Medicine Lab, Aarhus University