Prerequisites for becoming a forensic pathologist are a Master's degree in Medicine followed by a specialist education in forensic medicine.

The Department of Forensic Medicine teaches medical students in the graduate programme. The teaching comprises the fields of forensic pathology, forensic chemistry and clinical forensic medicine. In addition, the teaching touches on the areas of forensic genetics and forensic dentistry.

There is no formalised education for becoming a forensic dentist in Denmark. If a dentist wants to qualify for working as a forensic dentist, he or she should follow a course to prepare a logbook with documented skills. For more information: Associate Professor and Forensic Dentist, Department of Odontology, Dorthe Arenholt Bindslev, email:, tel.: +45 8716 7475

The department employs a number of staff members from different professional backgrounds: Chemists, biomedical scientists and forensic technicians. Their special competences are acquired on site, primarily through the principle of apprenticeship.

Medical students have the possibility of doing optional clinical work at the Department of Forensic Medicine. You are welcome to contact the Section of Forensic Pathology for more information: Deputy State-Appointed Forensic Pathologist Lene Warner Thorup Boel

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities of a PhD programme at the Department of Forensic Medicine, you can contact Head of Section, Professor Mogens Johannsen