Meeting forums

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Member's contact information

Telephone no.Name, job title, email, unit (building + room)
8716 8339

Christensen, Anna-Marie Engberg, member of laboratory staff,, Department of Forensic Medicine - Forensic Medicine (-)

8716 8332

Johannsen, Mogens, Head of department,, Department of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Chemistry (-)

8716 8326

Nielsen, Karsten Mildahl, Forensic technician,, Department of Forensic Medicine - Forensic pathology (-)

Department Forum

The Departmental Forum is responsible for ensuring ideas generation, quality, transparency and legitimacy in all decisions on academic issues as well as ensuring the department's academic and social identity and composition.

Members of the Departmental Forum:

Department Head, Associate Professor Christian Lindholst

Senior Researcher, MSc in Engineering, PhD Mette Findal Andreasen (Vice-chair)

Associate Professor, PhD Lars Uhrenholt

Molecular Biologist, PhD Jakob Hansen

Member of laboratory staff Jannie Sørensen

PhD student Mia B.L.  Roest Laursen

PhD student Trine Salomön Andreasen

Medical student Morten A.L. Jensen

Order of business for departmental fora

Standard order of business for the Departmental Forum. (in Danish)