About the Department

Department of Forensic Medicine

The Department of Forensic Medicine carries out assignments for the state forensic pathologist as part of its research-based public-sector consultancy services for the police districts in East Jutland, South-East Jutland, North Jutland as well as Central and Western Jutland. These assignments are medico-legal autopsies, crime scene investigations including inquests as well as examinations of persons (clinical forensic medicine).

The clinical forensic investigations, which include examinations of victims of violence and sexual offences, irrespective of age, as well as persons charged with a crime, take place at the department or at its regional departments for clinical forensic medicine in Herning, Aalborg and Kolding as well as Aarhus. The department also enjoys close collaboration with the Danish centres for rape victims and the Center for Abused Children (CBO), Aarhus University Hospital.

The Department of Forensic Medicine's mission: 

Is to:

  • Carry out teaching and research within the area of forensic medicine and to carry out requested work for the Danish judicial system in particular
  • Take part in interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Be part of committees etc., where the medico-legal knowledge can be used
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the field
  • Focus on social science research focusing on prevention and legal rights
  • Develop new methods of analysis in the areas of forensic chemistry, forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine
  • Improve quality and safety
  • Maintain neutrality and objectivity
  • Maintain and improve the expertise in the field of forensic medicine by adhering to and upholding the requirements for certification within the areas of forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine.
  • Optimise recruitment for the field by creating a research-based educational environment